About this site

02Anthony Haynes writes: Engineers, to be effective, need to be able to communicate well, both with fellow engineers and with other stakeholders — notably clients, investors, partners, colleagues, and suppliers.

If you’re an engineer, this site is designed to help you with all of the above by providing guidance on the use of text, data, images, and the spoken word.

And, by the way, I’m not defining ‘engineer’ very rigorously. If you work in an allied sector — such as energy, manufacturing, infrastructure, or technology development — I hope you’ll also benefit from this site.

Engineering sense provides a toolkit developed from years of experience working with engineers. It also provides links to, and reviews of, third-party resources. 

The goal is a modest one — to provide the world’s leading website for facilitating engineering communication

Anthony Haynes is Creative Director at Frontinus Ltd, a communications consultancy focused on engineering. Anthony’s preferred pronouns are he, him, and his. Engineering sense is Anthony’s personal website. Frontinus Ltd has a corporate website at frontinus.org.uk.